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5 Ways to Get on Fire for God

Which bible character comes to your mind when you think of the term “on fire for God”?

For me, I immediately think of Peter. From the moment he saw all those fish (Luke 5:6), he followed Jesus without hesitation. He wasn’t afraid to go where he was sent and he allowed God to use him in miraculous ways that changed the lives of people. He also defended Jesus (John 18:10). But one thing that stands out to me about the life of Peter is that after he denied knowing Jesus, He was on fire for God even more than he was before. He recognized his mistake, he was remorseful & he repented. He allowed this situation to strengthen his faith in the Lord.

For many women we allow ourselves to get sucked into our own pity party. The enemy will plant thoughts in our minds of unworthiness, guilt and shame. And we run with it and then run from God. I know because it's how I used to think, “I’m already sinning, I might as well keep on.” But if I can encourage you on this day, don’t let your past mistakes keep you from fully seeking the Lord. Here are five things you can do to get on fire for God.

1. Be intentional about spending time with God.

We’re all busy. But when you make God a priority, God sees that and honors those who honor Him. A practical way you can do this is by setting a specific time to spend with God each day and commit it. Start with ten minutes of reading your bible & take ten minutes to be still and listen to God.

2. Allow God to prune you.

For a plant to grow and produce fruit, it must be pruned. The same goes for us as women, if we want to grow, we have to let the dead things (bad fruit) fall off. For you this could be letting go of toxic people, or letting go of the habits that prevent you from being pure before the Lord. Or maybe it it's the things you are watching or the music you are listening to. Take time and ask God to show you one thing He wants you to let go of... And then obey.

3. Guard your eye gates & your ear gates.

You must be aware of what you are putting into your spirit. What you put in, will come out. If you listen to gossip and drama, you gonna be gossiping and full of drama. If you listen to cuss words all day in your music, you're gonna have a foul mouth. If you watch things with lustful and sexual content, more than likely you are or will be behaving in lustful and sexual ways. As a woman of God, you are set apart for God’s glory, you are called to a higher standard than the rest of the world. You gotta start living like it.

Ask God if there is anything you need to stop watching or listening to. And obey. It may be hard at first because these are habits, but you can change those habits by creating new ones.

4. Stay busy in the things of God.

Truth is, if you’re busy doing God’s work, you're too busy to be doing the work of the devil. God has a purpose for your life. There is nothing more satisfying that serving God and serving His people. It’s a supernatural high that nothing can compare to. As you begin to stay busy in the things of God, you will supernaturally find that you are filled with the fruit of the Spirit… Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, & Self-Control. An easy way to stay busy in the things of God is to start by attending church twice a week. Sunday and Wednesday. Most churches offer a mid week service & if your church doesn't, find one close to you. Keep busy watching sermons or listening to podcasts instead of TV or movies. And find some Christian music you enjoy. There's plenty out there. You just gotta find what you like.

5. Fellowship with other christian women.

Surrounding yourself with women who love and serve Jesus is important. I'm not saying diss your old friends who don't know Jesus, but I am saying you need someone to pray with, you need someone to hold you accountable, and you need someone to support you and encourage you as you grow in your faith. Why do you think Jesus had 12 disciples? And even more than that He had Peter, James & John who He trusted and shared things with that He didn’t share with anyone else. If Jesus needed people to walk with Him and build up His faith, so do you. So, put yourself out there! Get intentional about godly relationships... get involved in your church, reach out to that old friend you haven’t spoken to in years but you know she loves Jesus or join a bible study… do something, anything! Your faith depends on it.

I pray that God sets a fire down in your soul. And that you walk in the will of God for your life, because you were made for such a time as this!

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